todo es posible en ecuador

I'm in a hammock, it's 6:30 am, and I'm in the middle of the Amazon. There are so many thoughts I would like to record. The air is so pure. The sounds of nature so calming. I've only been in this ecosystem for about half an hour of daylight and I am already infatuated. I cannot imagine what I am going to feel in a couple weeks once I've really gotten comfortable and have learned more about la selva tropical. This area is gorgeous. The drive from Banos to Puyo was incredible -- I want to bike it sometime this summer. It mixes the Andean mountain range with the Amazon... mountainous jungle. Waterfalls everywhere you turn, with Rio Pastaza flowing through a deep canyon that the road is adjacent to. Que tierra hermosa en Ecuador.

All of the things that have come into my life this past week have been a sign of some sort -- drawing me towards South America, a place I already feel comfortable calling home, and a place I never would have imagined I would be as of one year ago. I think all of the locals that have taken us under their wing have furthered my fervor for Ecuador, and for living life according to no set plan. Going with the flow could not have worked out any better for us. Viva Ecuador!


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    Adrienne Hearne

    These are excerpts taken from my summer travel journal. While telling the story of my summer, they also express my different experiences of culture shock, being an individual  living in a collective culture.