todo es posible en ecuador

We are back in Arutam (after a weekend spent in Banos) and it surprisingly gave me a sense of home when we stepped off the bus. Traveling is nice, but it's also such a great feeling to sleep in the same bed two nights in a row, to unpack your bags, and to not feel so displaced. So here we are, back in Arutam for the week. Lisa leaves on Friday, and it is at this point that I am on my own for 7 weeks...from then on, I'll be traveling alone, with no one to depend on but myself for getting around. I'm actually excited for the challenge, because my Spanish will vastly improve. I don't have any plans. Originally, I was going to stay in Arutam all summer, but I feel as if a couple weeks here is substantial. I also feel called towards a place that could use my help more than here. No tengo ningunos planes. Eso es lo mejor plan. Time will tell where  I end up and how I get there, but inevitably, with whatever I end up doing, I will be happy. Come Friday I will have a better idea of my plans.


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    Adrienne Hearne

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