todo es posible en ecuador

There's no better place to be than Salasaca, Ecuador. This weekend was the kids' confirmation, so Saturday the entire village lit up -- every other house had their own individual party, with feasts of soup, corn, chicken, cuy, rabbit, fresh fruit, puro, rum, wine,  Pilsener, and cake. We stumbled across the wrong party accidentally, looking for one of our students, Oscar. When we asked where he lived, they told us... but then got offended when we said thank you and started heading towards Oscar's house. They insisted we come in and join them for supper. A house where we knew no one, yet there we were, sharing stories and singing and dancing with them for the rest of the evening. The hospitality was once again beautiful -  a village with so little, always so open to share and invite complete strangers into their homes.

Anyways, I'm happy to be where I am right now. The sunset was incredible tonight. I saw Chimborazo, Tuguhuaua, and two other volcanoes, set against a clear red and orange sky... and now the stars have come out. It's amazing to think about how stressed out I was earlier this afternoon. (As I only have $50 currently, am leaving Ecuador in 7 days, and a $40 airport tax yet to pay, which means its impossible for me to get home because I'm currently in Salasaca and at minimum it will cost me $20 to get to the Quito airport [not including food or accommodation].) This is quite the predicament to be in, but a mixture of listening to No Woman No Cry and the surrounding beauty has set me into a state of tranquility. No te preocupes, it will all work out. I will figure something out.


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