todo es posible en ecuador





I really miss home -- I'm looking forward to Monday evening when I can finally sit down with my dad and brother on our back porch with some Shiner Bocks and swap stories of our summers. I'm just looking forward to being in the comfort and warmth of familiarity and love of family. It is strange that I feel this way, because usually I am away from home for longer periods of time, doing much less adventurous things, and I never get homesick. Maybe it is just because its my first time in a foreign country, all alone, with new things coming at me constantly. Sometimes familiarity is nice....or at least comforting.

I love the Latin American sense of family. Maybe that is the source of my missing home -- because Ecuadorians are all around me, embracing their entire family, seeing each other daily, living under the same roof, working on the farm, and cooking and eating together. Daily I get questions from the locals asking about my family, which is something that is usually never brought up in  introductory conversations in the States. Why does our culture embrace individuality so much? I think the unity of a family working and living as one is so much more beautiful and something to be cherished. My home here and my reailty in the US could not be more different.


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    Adrienne Hearne

    These are excerpts taken from my summer travel journal. While telling the story of my summer, they also express my different experiences of culture shock, being an individual  living in a collective culture.