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Last Days 07/26/2009
I am leaving Ecuador early tomorrow morning -- it really hasn't hit me yet. I'm still rather preoccupied about not having enough money to leave the country, and am currently waiting to meet up with one of my friends, Beto, who will apparently loan me some money and a place to stay for the night.  Here's hoping that it will all work out, otherwise I cannot board my flight! I'm excited to be back in some familiar land, with my dad, brother, Leslie, grandparents, and friends.

My last day in Ecuador: reggae festival in a jungle town called Shell (after the oil company) that was put on to save the rain forest and preserve its wildlife and indigenous cultures and livelihoods. What a perfect last day in Ecuador -- with like-minded  activists getting together to promote education and preservation of la Amazonia.

The last few days at the SKY school I worked from 7:30 am until 5 pm, teaching summer classes to any kid that showed up. On Friday when I told Isaac, Sonia, and Flor that I was leaving, Sonia cried! Also, I would like to mention that their progress within 15 days of teaching them is phenomenal. I'm really impressed by their diligence and am happy for their future intellectual journey. When they are older I have no  doubt that they will succeed.


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Take away love and our earth is a tomb. Do you agree?


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