todo es posible en ecuador

 Me and a few other volunteers started wandering the streets of Salasaca last night because we heard some music coming from a couple blocks up the road. Pursuing it paved the way for one of the funnest nights possible, definitely one of my favorite experiences during S American travels. It was a high school graduate party, everyone in traditional clothing, absolutely hammered, and dancing to reggaeton until 4 am in a house with dirt floors and dirt walls and a roof made from palm frawns. I bonded with all the old men over sips of puro (a disgusting handmade sugar cane spirit that's served warm). The hospitality at this fiesta was remarkable -- everywhere we turned the men, women, and children were handing us and each other Pilseners or shots of puro or hands to dance. Had we been in the US, we would have been made to feel very unwelcome, just walking into someone's house without knowing anyone. But in Salasaca, they never close each other out -- their arms are always open, ready to sieze any opportunity for love.


10/27/2010 23:35

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04/01/2012 14:43

Hola, voluntarios que van a Ecuador especialmente a Salasaca, a mi parece que los gringos hacen muy malos comentarios sobre este pueblo maravilloso y cultural, ellos estan demostrando la cultura siendo amables con los extranjeros, no para que estos gringos critiquen sobr el piso sucio, las paredes sucias, el techo sucio.
Deberian estar agradecidos porque les permiten estar ahi, porque en los EU. no permiten entrar a los blancos a las reservaciones, para que no vuelvan a robar lo poco que tienen la cultura, y religion y vida de ellos despues de que robaron todas las tierras y los encerraron como en corrales. Entonces por favor no critiquen a los Indigenas de Ecuador, porque ellos estan bien con su cultura, y si queremos criticar tambien ellos criticarian la forma de vida de ustedes, la comida, la forma como comen, porque son goooordos, entonces piensen primeo lo que hablan, dicen y escriben.


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