todo es posible en ecuador


Adrienne Alta Hearne

Summit of Mt Gould, Glacier National Park
My name is Adrienne and I am in love with life! I particularly love bluegrass music, mother nature, or Pachamama as they call it in the Andes, and spreading happiness.

Each day brings a new adventure, which is a philosophy I took with me to Ecuador. I had no plans besides my return home flight, thus I was open to everyone and everything that may have presented itself during my travels. An Ecuadorian phrase that I quickly came to learn and love was, "¡Todo es posible en Ecuador!" And I truly believe that, as long as you've got the right attitude, everything is possible.

My experience in total was very enlightening. In learning about the different cultures within Ecuador, my interest in current issues with indigenous rights and movements was sparked, hence this website’s theme. The experience also reaffirmed my belief that human interaction is the best way to gain knowledge. This goes in line with my human-centered values, as I think the most important part of life is fostering meaningful relationships.