todo es posible en ecuador

The rainbow Huipala flag symbolizes the unity of many diverse cultures joining together in pursuit of common interests.

Traditional Quichua Art
Alli Puncha


This website builds off of my experiences from the two months that I spent in Ecuador this summer.
I volunteered at two vastly different sites --  one was in the Ecuadorian Amazon among the Shuar, helping the Shuar people to develop their tourism industry, which indirectly contributes to the family’s continued use of lands; and the second was in a Quichua village in the Andes called Salasaca, where I taught English.

My experience in total was very enlightening. In learning about the different cultures within Ecuador, my interest in current issues with indigenous rights and movements was sparked, hence the theme of this website. The experience also reaffirmed my belief that human interaction is the best way to gain knowledge. This goes in line with my human-centered values, as I think the most important part of life is fostering meaningful relationships.

Salasacan at Inti Raymi

Ecuador's indigenous communities are politically active, and frequently mobilizing and protesting in order to preserve their traditional livelihoods and lands. Read about current events and relevant articles that I have posted on this page.