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Ecuador's Current State of Affairs:
The indigenous communities within Ecuador have recently been making political advancements and progress, due to their effective mobilization and unity. I have placed relevant news items below:

December 4, 2009:
Ecuador's first Quechua TV station, operated by the Indigenous and Campesino Movement of Cotopaxi,
 hits the airwaves today.
November 26, 2009:
A summit called to tackle deforestation in the Amazon seems unlikely to achieve any tangible results after Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, Alvaro Uribe, his Colombian counterpart, and Rafael Correa of Ecuador pulled out. Read more here.

October 30, 2009:

A study by Ecuador's government shows 1,025 environmental liabilities in areas where state-run oil company Petroecuador operates, said newspaper El Universo. Read the report here.
October 27, 2009:
  Correa is requesting for funds from the international community to prevent drilling in the pristene Yasuni Resere... "the first time the government of a major oil-producing country has voluntarily offered to forego lucrative oil extraction in order to help combat climate change," Al-Jazeera reports.

October 24, 2009:

International Day of Climate Action. People in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet's history. Ecuadorians gathered in Quito to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.


October 2, 2009:

President, indigenous groups at odds over fatal protest in Ecuador, CNN reports.
October 1, 2009:
3 Shuar Indians killed and 9 injured by Ecuadorian police during a peaceful protest.
CONFENIAE demands the government of Rafael Correa
 to halt the repression and listen to their proposals.
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November 29, 2009:
In the Ecuadorean Amazon basin our thirst for oil has triggered an eco-disaster: wholesale pollution and catastrophic cancer rates. And a bloody turf war has broken out. Ecuador is taking a survival plan to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. But will western governments listen?
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November 19, 2009:
Ecuador's "Populist President" Faces Dwindling Support according to this article.

November 1, 2009:

An article emphasizing the so-called "political awakening" that indigenous peoples have experienced throughout the Andean region, particularly in Bolivia, as well as Peru, Ecuador, etc. This political awakening is emboldening the indigenous peoples who have lived mostly as second-class citizens since the Spanish conquest.
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October 30, 2009:

An article about Ecuador's independent economy and future economic challenges facing Correa.
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October 28, 2009:
Economic Rebels: Ecuador and Bolivia are achieving remarkable growth because they reject conventional economic wisdom, the Guardian reports.
October 15, 2009:
Ecuador's unemployment is at 9.1%.


October 5, 2009:
 Over 400 people from indigenous and farming communities around Lago Agrio, Ecuador,
march to a toxic dump site today in protest of Chevron and the on-going court battles.
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September 28, 2009:

Indigenous people block a highway in protest of the government's oil, mining, and water laws.
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