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Westernization in Ecuador

Based on my human-centered values, I try my best to reject corporatism, or the current world system run by capitalist corporations, as it inherently places value on monetary gains over the well-being of humans. Living in Ecuador intensified these views, as I saw first-hand the effects that our consumer societies are having on the developing world. This shone through in the “supermarketization” of urban Ecuador, jeopardizing rural farmers’ markets. The similar trend that has been dominating the United States for years is trickling down to the developing world, but this is problematic because these countries have less to lose economically. Western markets make the rich richer and the poor poorer, and with Latin American inequality as the highest of any region in the world, the majority of these countries’ citizens stand little or nothing to gain from entering the world market.
Bring choice and convenience
to those that can afford it....

But they are also putting her out of business: